How to choose and wear a mask correctly?


When a person sneezes, tens of thousands of droplets can be ejected at a time, and each droplet carries a large amount of bacteria and viruses. The air speed of these droplets is more than 100 kilometers per hour, and most of the droplets are concentrated within a range of about 1 meter. More importantly, droplets will also form aerosols in the air, floating in the air for a long time, both droplets and aerosols can pollute items that people often come into contact with. This new coronary pneumonia infection route includes inhalation of droplets, aerosols, and contact with contaminated objects. 

Do we have a way to stop the spread of infectious diseases of the respiratory tract? 

Yes, wear a mask!

Scientifically wearing appropriate masks can effectively isolate the invasion of droplets and aerosols, and initially achieve the prevention and cure of viral infections directly caused by the spread of droplets and aerosols.

How do ordinary people choose masks?

Sort according to the protection level from high to low: KN95/N95 (medical protective mask)> medical surgical mask> general medical mask> other various three no masks> no masks.

Open the correct way to wear and remove the mask

① Pull down the mask to flatten the wrinkles.

②The metal side is facing up, and the blue side is facing outward, covering the nose, mouth and chin.

③Press the metal bar from the middle to both sides with the tip of your two fingers, so that the mask fits the depression of the nose root and the face completely.

④Check the effect: Breathe hard. If the mask swells and collapses with the breath, it means that it is tight.

Replacement and storage 

It is recommended to replace it every 2 to 4 hours. If the mask becomes wet or contaminated, it should be replaced in time. When storing, fold the white side touching the mouth and nose inwards and put it in a clean ziplock bag. When removing the mask, try to avoid touching the outside (blue side), because bacteria and viruses have adhered to the outside of the mask. Take off the mask straps with both hands at the same time, throw the masks into the trash can by holding the straps, and then remember to wash your hands!

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